Ferocious Designs to take part in BlowUp Radio’s “Banding Together” benefit webathon; reunites former bandmates for compilation album track

Ferocious Designs, the music project of central New Jersey-based songwriter Brian Kelley, will be taking part in BlowUpRadio.com’s 14th Annual Banding Together Webathon benefiting the Spondylitis Association of America with both a stripped-down live set to be heard during the weekend of Oct. 15-17, 2021, and an exclusive track on the accompanying compilation album available only via donation.

“I don’t really see Ferocious Designs as anything but a recording project,” said Kelley. “But I figured I would try to put a virtual live set together for this very worthy cause, especially with all the support Lazlo at BlowUp Radio has given me and my debut EP, A Matter of Time, this year.”

Ferocious Designs’ live set can be heard on Sunday, October 17, at 5:25 p.m. ET at BlowUpRadio.com. Click here for the full details and more information regarding Banding Together.

The exclusive track is called “Domination” and it is a refreshed version of a song that dates back to 1989, when Kelley was in the synth-rap band TMC+The New Generation with singer-songwriter Christian Beach — also taking part in this year’s Banding Together event — and rapper Tariq Mohammed. Beach and Mohammed are featured on the track, marking the first time the trio has worked together in over 30 years.

On the 2021 version of “Domination,” Kelley provided lead vocals and also performed/recorded all the instrumentation, aside from an acoustic guitar part played by Beach. Mohammed and Beach also contributed backing vocals. Kelley wrote the main lyrics, Mohammed wrote the rap-break lyrics, and Beach and Kelley collaborated on the music. The tracked was mastered by Beach.

Listen -> player.live365.com/a42405?l
Details -> wherenjrocklives.com/spondy.html
Donate -> spondylitis.org/webathon/

“Domination” Teaser

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