Ferocious Designs releases new single, teases new album

New track “Domination” features ex-bandmates Christian Beach and Tariq Mohammed

“Domination (feat. Christian Beach & Tariq Mohammed)” by Ferocious Designs
Artwork design by Brian Kelley

Ferocious Designs, the music project of central New Jersey-based songwriter Brian Kelley, today announced the release of “Domination (feat. Christian Beach & Tariq Mohammed),” a track from the upcoming album, Looking for the Light. “Domination” is available for download/streaming at http://ferociousdesigns.bandcamp.com, and will soon be available from most streaming/download services via FerociousDesigns.com.

The release of “Domination” coincides with this month’s Bandcamp Friday when, for 24 hours on Friday, March 4 (from midnight to midnight Pacific Time), the Internet music company will waive its revenue share in support of artists.

“Domination” was originally written in 1989 when Kelley was in an Asbury Park, N.J.-based synth-rap band called TMC+The New Generation with longtime friend and singer-songwriter Christian Beach and rapper Tariq Mohammed.

“We were just teenagers working with synthesizers, samplers, drum machines and a sequencer,” said Kelley. “We really didn’t know what we were doing, but we crafted original songs and performed a few times — most notably at the dearly missed Green Parrot Rock Club in Neptune, N.J.

“Fortunately, we recorded a rough demo into a boombox, and one of the times we performed it was captured on grainy video—now on YouTube—so it wasn’t lost to just our memories and an old floppy disk with sequencer data on it,” he added.

Kelley had revisited “Domination” over the years and recorded a demo of a revised version in 2010. He started working on yet another updated version ahead of the release of Ferocious Designs’ 2021 debut EP, A Matter of Time, before deciding not to include it with that collection. Instead, he decided to contribute the track to a BlowUpRadio.com benefit compilation, but not before calling in reinforcements.

“I decided to see if Christian and Tariq could contribute virtually to the track and basically put the first TMC+The New Generation recording out into the world. And, thankfully, they obliged,” said Kelley. “It was great to have Tariq lay down a new rap break and Christian add some acoustic guitar — and both recorded backing vocals.

“That BlowUpRadio.com version was a bit different. I think the one I’m releasing now sounds more like it would have in 1989 if we had better technology, access to some kind of decent studio, and a little more of a clue,” added Kelley.

“Domination” will be one of three or four reworked older songs to be included on Looking for the Light. Recording of newly written material for the album has begun, according to Kelley.

“I have at least some basic piano and vocal parts down for the new songs, with the title track a bit farther along so I’m hoping to release that as a single in the next couple of months,” said Kelley, who expects the album to be released in late 2022.

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