Ferocious Designs releases single, provides update on debut album

Ferocious Designs, the music project of central New Jersey-based songwriter Brian Kelley, today announced the release of an updated version of  “You and Me Against the World” as a single. The track is available for download/streaming at FerociousDesigns.com

“I started writing ‘You and Me Against the World’ at the very end of 2018 and recorded an early version of it by early 2019,” said Kelley. “Musically, it was inspired by the band Lo Moon, of whom I am a huge fan. Lyrically, it was originally inspired by an article I read about the November 2018 Camp Fire in Paradise, Calif., and how poor emergency and city planning plus a lack of preparedness doomed so many in that town.

“The initial lyrics were about a couple on the verge of splitting up only to have to put aside those issues just to survive as the fire surrounded them — but that got real dark, real quick,” added Kelley. “So I made the external threats pushing them together a bit more abstract.”

The song originally appeared on last year’s A Matter of Time EP, but the new version with freshly recorded vocals and other changes was produced for the upcoming album, Looking for the Light

“Unfortunately, due to a series of weird injuries and ailments to myself plus a family medical emergency during the summer of 2022, my time to work on the album evaporated,” said Kelley. “As a result, the release of Looking for the Light won’t be until early 2023, hopefully no later than March.”

An updated version of the original music video for “You and Me Against the World” features the updated mix and some light visual edits. Stock video footage used in the video comes from Videezy.com.

“You and Me Against the World – Ferocious Designs (Official Music Video)

Music and lyrics by Brian Kelley
All vocals and instrumentation by Brian Kelley
Stock video footage courtesy of Videezy.com